NUTJEE is a premium brand with the most diversified range of the best dried fruits, nuts and berries. Nut Jee specializes with premium and proprietary products which have emerged as a leading brand across the nation. Nut Jee’s brand promise is to deliver the finest quality products and services. Throughout our R&D and creative innovation process, we blend health and taste in each product we curate.
Each and every product passes through several quality test under expert’s supervision before it reaches in customer’s hand.

Core Commitment

Trusted Sourcing – All products at NutJee are ethically sourced from orchard to maintain its superior taste and quality. NutJee conducts due diligence in selecting sources to ensure the authenticity, quality, and ethical standards of its dry fruits.

Transparency - NutJee strives to disclose the origin of dry fruits and promote ethical and sustainable practices. This openness builds trust with consumers and ensures that NutJee's products align with unmatched quality and taste.

Quality Assurance - NutJee, prioritizes quality assurance to ensure premium products. This includes rigorous testing at each and step, compliance with food safety standards and traceability leading to consistent, safe, and delicious offerings. Any product which does not qualify the Quality Assurance test is rejected by the Quality Assurance team immediately.


To become the most trusted brand across the globe by maintaining quality and transparency. Our goal is to add nutritional value to the lives of our people and nurture growth in every direction.


To focus on quality of the product and satisfaction of our customer. We are committed to create a people friendly employee preferred organization.
To build a perfect business module where customers, traders and partners will enjoy the most of their own part.

Our Story

Our Story began in 2019, when we went to purchase almond from market for our Mini Bar. A very senior person from the dry fruit industry advised us not to eat almonds as it does not have nutritional benefits. Since childhood we were eating almond thinking about the great benefits, it was the eye opener information for us. We decided to do a research in this field and bring out the truth.

As soon as we started, we realized that there is lot of hidden facts about dry fruits, the market is less transparent and the dry fruit segment is full of opportunities to add nutrition and healthy snacks into people’s daily routine. We figured that this could be a great idea to provide wholesome and healthy snacks in form of nuts& dry fruits. We just needed a name. It needed to be short, simple, fun and edgy. The word Nutjee kept coming up for obvious reasons so Nutjee was born, and my life has been nuts ever since.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, Nutjee has grown from a little known online store selling a few Nutjee jars a month to a nationally known brand.

Our products are hand-picked and harvested at its best. We encourage healthy living not only for health enthusiasts but also for those who aspire to have a healthier lifestyle. From sweet to savoury, our products are available across in various combinations across numerous platforms.

NutJee is not only limited to healthy eating but also encourages to healthy giving in form of gifting to our near & dear ones be it employee, peers, family or friends.

Deepti Sharma

Admin Head

M. Com, Entrepreneur

Akhil Sharma

Admin Head

M. Tech, MBA

Swastik Kumar

Sales Head

Youngest Entrepreneur

Mamta Dasari

Operation Head

B. Com, Entrepreneur